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** WINTER 2014/5: cameras have been taken out of operation for a period to allow maintenance and repositioning. Service will resume in 2015... **


The view above comes from one camera only. The service may go off from time to time as we make changes, or off completely if this approach is not suitable for requirements. Please direct feedback to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The equipment needed to bring you these images has been purchased with money donated by several individuals and one FR Society Area Group, plus donations from the FR Society and the FR Company.


These webcams show images updated only when there is movement but what you actually receive is very dependent on the internet service you receive.


More views may be added soon. Check out the railways' timetable (FR and WHR) to give you an approximate idea of when to expect the most activity.


We hope you enjoy being able to watch the FR when you are unable to be here, but would ask you to respect the need for staff to carry out their duties without unnecessary interruption.


If you have any queries regarding the webcams or anything appearing thereon, please contact this address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it We respectfully ask that this address is used instead of contacting other parts of the railway direct, due to the day-to-day pressures of operating the railway.





The Widening Works

During Jan-Mar 2012 the railway was under a short closure period, during which time the first part of the Cob widening project was undertaken. Interest is high in this work, such that the webcam hardware at Harbour Station was unable to cope. As previously advised there are also massive restrictions on the local broadband capability. The webcams were therefore taken offline temporarily. Normal service was resumed at the end of March.

As an alternative, still images were captured every 15 seconds and are being collated into a series of 'videos', such that the whole project can be presented in a few minutes.

These are posted on the main railway website on this page.

Also, make sure you follow (or 'Like') the F&WHR Facebook page.

A more natural clip showing initial work can be seen here.

The second 'real time' clip can be seen here.

The third update is shown here.



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