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Welsh Pony February 2016 Update

12 February 2016

Welsh Pony Feb 2016


The picture shows the progress to date. As stated previously, this is a total renewal because the original parts are too decayed. It is important that the Cylinders and Main Frames are set up precisely to ensure good performance and low maintenance in the future. There are a good number of fitted bolts already manufactured specifically for the chassis.

The original axle boxes have been cleaned down ready for white metalling and any necessary machining to square them up. The original horn guides have been refurbished and machined square ready for fitting. The motion brackets have had the original fixing holes plugged and welded ready for redrilling and fitting. New cylinder covers have been cast and machined.


Most boiler components have been purchased. The boiler will be all welded using the original boiler drawings as the guide to dimensions. The design has been approved by the boiler inspector so manufacture can proceed as labour becomes available. When the last major part for the boiler arrives, boiler construction will commence.

Some of the boiler parts originally arrived in May 2015.


The original Welsh Pony tender was used for Linda in the 1960s. It was widened, raised in height and acquired roller bearing axle boxes. It is therefore not sensible to de-Linderise it as it would take an enormous amount of work and then a new tender for Linda would be needed.
A drawing of the proposed tender is attached. This has been drawn by Bob Yates and uses available evidence such as drawings and photos (particularly on iBase) to get an accurate design. It will be braked. Bob Harris tells us “The heavily corroded brake gear was removed when the tender was re-furbished for use behind Linda”.

New wheels have arrived using the pattern made by volunteer Bob Smith for slate wagons. Axle boxes and brasses are on order using the original FR quarrymans carriage pattern refurbished as necessary by Donald Bateman. Axle material is also on order.

The basic tender body will be purchased as profiles and volunteers have been invited to rivet the body together. This will be more representative of the original rather than a welded body.

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