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Friday, 06 August 2010 08:26

Lyd has moved under its own steam

Replica Lynton & Barnstaple Railway loco Lyd has moved for the first time under its own steam at Boston Lodge on 5 August. The loco, which has taken 15 years to reach completion, will undergo further trials over the next few weeks in the build up to its first passenger duties at the WHR Superpower gala in September, followed by visits to Launceston and the L&B in Devon.


Replica Lynton and Barnstaple loco Lyd pauses on the pit at Boston Lodge prior to initial testing


For the immediate future, the loco will stay in plain black as rectifying the inevitable snagging list will mean the risk of scratches and it makes no sense to risk an expensive paint job. It's likely that the loco will receive its final paint over the winter. Lyd weighs in at 25 tons.

Paul Lewin adds: After a 15 year build programme, there are still many things to do and much that could be not quite right and we have to overcome the hurdle of the ROTS inspection in a few days' time. The railway inspector has a whole raft of issues to discuss and tests to be made. This may require some extra work as may the results of the running in and commissioning trials.

You may see some interesting shots of Lyd in places various on the FR as we try to put a few miles on and iron out the snags. None of these will be passenger workings, as the first run with passengers will be for the supporters on the 11th/12th of September who will be contacted separately.

Lyd will be the last loco in the UK approved under the old ROTS legislation as the curtain finally comes down on that arrangement for heritage lines on the 30th of September.

Research by the late Handel Kardas - a huge supporter of the project in the early days - showed that E190 was the next free number had Lyd been built alongside Lew. As Handel suggested the number, his research driven by passion for the project, we adopted it.

So even if it turns out that it isn't quite the right number for some minor reason or other the passion of an inspirational supporter wins the day and we will always think of Handel when we look at that cab side.

The works plate build date will be 2010, Boston Lodge Works and it will carry FR fleet No14.

Check for photos as uploaded on and the webcam for any potential movements in Porthmadog.


Lyd moves down the yard - the cab profile can be clearly seen Lyd goes off shed at Boston Lodge Coupled up to observation carriage 111

Close up coupled up to the carriage Two carriages are taken Lyd sits alongside Lilla - note the headlamp in the traditional L&B position

Lyd stands in the background whilst Taliesin stands on the pit - Taliesin dates from only 1999


The following video was also shot by John Wooden - the first moving pictures of an original design L&B locomotive in many years:

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Example past funded projects (forming part of the £1m donated to the FR by FRS over the past ten years)...

Flagship Double-Fairlie locomotive Merddin Emrys returned to traffic returned to service in 2005 with £182,730 from the Society.

Observation carriage 100 constructed in 2006, funded by £67,238 from the FR Society.

Blanche had a speedy return to traffic in 2005 with work including a brand new boiler. £38,396 raised through the FR Society. It is shown here passing the rebuilt Rhiw Goch signalbox, funded by £14,989 from the FR Society.

Carriage 103, the latest carriage design being called the 'Superbarn' with a longer length, bigger windows, better access, double glazing and heating along with improved bogies. Funded with £86,128 from the FR Society, it entered service in February 2010.

The outdoor engineering department's crane wagon, funded with over £7500 from the FR Society.

Boston Lodge Old Engine Shed rebuild was completed in 2009 with large external donations and support from the FR Trust, but also included a £8000 donation from the FR Society.

Lilla returned to traffic in 2008 with a brand new (Boston Lodge-built) boiler, thanks to the sterling efforts of the Lilla Group raising £41,386 through the FR Society.

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